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The HFA3 is the most up-to-date visual field test available. The test is up to 50% faster to perform and provides more detail than the previous standard test. It is used for testing the sensitivity of your central and peripheral vision in conditions such as glaucoma and macular diseases.

What will I experience during the test?

Each eye is tested separately, with the other covered. Your head is comfortably supported on a chin rest and you look into a white bowl. We ask you to keep looking at the central spot and the machine will flash spots of light into your peripheral vision. When you see a spot flash you press a button to indicate that you have seen it.

It is very important to keep looking straight ahead at the central spot. There will be periods where nothing much seems to be happening – please don’t worry, this is a feature of the test. Sometimes the spot will be very dim and you may not be sure whether you have seen it or not. Again, this is part of the test – just press the button if you think you have seen a spot flash.

The test will take 2 or 3 minutes for each eye, but please let our staff know if you are uncomfortable or having any difficulties. The test can be stopped and started again if necessary.